About Velocity Lab

At Velocity Lab, we are passionate about empowering startups and businesses to achieve their full potential. Founded by two successful entrepreneurs with years of experience in building and growing their own companies, Velocity Lab was created with a mission to share that knowledge and expertise with others.

Our team is dedicated to providing the resources, guidance, and support needed to help startups succeed. Whether through strategic investments, mentorship, or hands-on support, we are committed to helping startups and businesses thrive.

At Velocity Lab, we believe that success is built on a foundation of strong relationships, transparency, and commitment to excellence. We prioritize collaboration and partnership with our clients, and work closely with them to understand their unique needs and goals.

Through our extensive network of industry connections and partnerships, we are able to provide startups and businesses with access to valuable resources, knowledge, and expertise that can help drive their success.

At Velocity Lab, we are more than just an investment firm - we are a team of experienced entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping others succeed. Whether you are a startup looking for strategic support and guidance, or an established business looking to take your growth to the next level, we are here to help you achieve your goals.
Our mission

Empowering Others to Achieve Success

Our mission is to invest in innovative and forward-thinking startups that align with our values and where we can leverage our knowledge and experience. We prioritise visionary leaders and seek out startups with great synergy with other investments or companies we own. Through collaborative partnerships and a commitment to ethical business practices, we aim to support the growth and success of the startups we invest in

Our Values

Defining our values has been crucial in shaping our company culture and guiding our decisions. By staying true to our core beliefs, we are able to provide our partners with exceptional service and achieve greater success together.
We believe that strong relationships and cooperation are the foundation of success, and we work closely with our partners to achieve their goals.
Our team is comprised of self-driven individuals who are passionate about helping our partners succeed.
Transparency and Honesty
We value transparency and honesty in all our dealings with partners, and we believe that open communication is essential to building trust.
We understand that every business is unique, and we take a flexible approach to meeting our partner's needs.
We are committed to delivering results in a timely and cost-effective manner, without sacrificing quality or attention to detail.
Our culture

Fostering Collaboration, Curiosity & Creative Thinking

Building a culture that is constantly on the lookout for new and innovative approaches, and encourages team members to challenge conventional thinking.

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