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We are thrilled to announce that Velocity Lab founders have joined as active investors. is an angel investor syndicate dedicated to supporting post-MVP startups in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).
Arturs Kruze

By working with this dynamic and experienced group of founders and operators, we aim to provide even more robust support to promising entrepreneurs and help them unlock their full potential.

About is a unique angel investor syndicate that invests €50,000 to €150,000 in early-stage startups in the CEE region. What sets this fund apart is its focus on founders and operators who have successfully built companies like Wise, Veriff, Vimeo, Printify, Pandadoc, Pipedrive, Bolt,, Bird, Shopify, Whimsical, Lokalise, Deel, Printful, Twilio, and Interactio.

These experienced individuals understand the challenges that startups face and are eager to help them find product-market fit, scale growth, and secure investment from top-tier investors. embraces ideas that may seem unconventional or risky to others, believing that these startups have the potential to become the next unicorns.

A Winning Collaboration

By joining forces with, Velocity Lab aims to further strengthen its offering to startups in the Baltic and CEE regions. Our shared mission of empowering entrepreneurs aligns perfectly with our core values and expertise in e-commerce and digital business development.

This collaboration will enable us to provide more comprehensive support to startups, combining Velocity Lab's hands-on approach with the wealth of experience and resources available through Our joint efforts will help promising entrepreneurs accelerate their growth and achieve success more rapidly.'s two-fold approach ensures that founders receive the most effective support possible:

  1. Transparency: The fund is committed to being upfront about the type of help it can provide, ensuring that startups understand the extent of the support they can expect.
  2. Structured and Consistent Support: has reimagined the way its member founders and operators invest their time in startups, creating a system that encourages consistent and regular engagement.

Together, Velocity Lab and are poised to make a lasting impact on the startup landscape in the Baltic and CEE regions. We look forward to working closely with as investors to help entrepreneurs transform their ideas into thriving businesses, even when others may doubt their potential.

If you're a CEE entrepreneur with a "bad" idea that could be the next big thing, we want to hear from you!

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