The Story and Vision of Velocity Lab

At Velocity Lab, our mission is to propel innovative startups into the fast lane of success. We know that behind every great idea is an even greater entrepreneur, and we're here to provide the support, resources, and expertise needed to turn that idea into a reality. In this first blog post, we'd like to share our story with you, including how our background in digital commerce has shaped our unique approach to supporting entrepreneurs in the Baltics.
Arturs Kruze

The Birth of Velocity Lab

Our journey began with the success of Magebit, a thriving e-commerce agency co-founded by Arturs Kruze and Kristaps Rjabovs. Today, Magebit employs over 100 talented professionals who work tirelessly to support businesses worldwide. Our vast experience in the digital commerce space, combined with our work with various startups, has equipped us with the knowledge and skills required to excel in this industry.

We didn't stop there. We went on to create successful startups like Star Registration and Eloking, further cementing our experience in growing fresh companies. It was through these experiences that we realized the potential of sharing our expertise and resources with others. Thus, Velocity Lab was born.

Why Velocity Lab?

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the challenges and opportunities startups face. We know that it takes more than just a great idea to build a successful business. That's why we're here to help startups not only secure the funding they need but also to provide hands-on support to accelerate their growth.

Comprehensive Support

We believe that a well-rounded approach is essential to nurturing startups. At Velocity Lab, we provide not only financial support but also hands-on guidance in various aspects of business, from design and development to marketing and sales. Our goal is to help startups build strong foundations for long-term success.

A Collaborative Approach

At Velocity Lab, we value relationships and cooperation. We believe that by working closely with entrepreneurs, we can develop a deep understanding of their vision and goals. This collaborative approach enables us to provide more targeted support and ultimately, better results.

Strong Network of Professionals

With a team of over 100 skilled professionals from Magebit, we offer startups access to a diverse range of experts in the e-commerce industry. This network enables entrepreneurs to tap into the knowledge and experience of professionals who have successfully tackled similar challenges.

A Wealth of Experience

As seasoned entrepreneurs, our founders, Arturs Kruze and Kristaps Rjabovs, have firsthand knowledge of the unique challenges that startups face. They've successfully navigated the world of e-commerce with Magebit, Star Registration, and Eloking, and they're eager to share their insights with fellow entrepreneurs.

Focusing on the Baltics

While we're open to working with entrepreneurs from around the world, we're particularly excited about the potential in our home base of Riga, Latvia, and the wider Baltic region. We believe that nurturing local talent and fostering innovation in this area will lead to a flourishing ecosystem of entrepreneurial success.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

We invite you to join us as we embark on this exciting new chapter in our journey. At Velocity Lab, we're committed to helping entrepreneurs transform their innovative ideas into thriving businesses. If you're ready to bring your startup to the next level, we'd love to hear from you. Together, we can make the Baltics a hub of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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